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    Merging technologies, offering a wide range of products.

Metal Smelting

METAL SMELTING is a European reference company with more than 30 years of experience in iron casting using various technologies.

It was created to add value within the Group, taking advantage of the synergies.

By using various casting technologies, it meets all the needs for a wide range of parts in various different materials, sizes and series types.


  • Vertical sand molding in green DISAMATIC
    Automatic vertical casting
    (green sand, Disamatic)

    Plant: Metal Smelting Elorrio

    Casting: Nodular iron.

    Parts: From 0.5 kg to 15 kg.

    Series: Large.

  • Automatic horizontal casting  (green sand, HWS)
    Automatic horizontal casting
    (green sand, HWS)

    Plant: Sand casting Legutiano

    Casting: Grey iron, nodular iron and special alloys.

    Parts: From 15 kg to 80 kg.

    Series: Medium to large.

  • Automatic chemical casting (Type Flaskless IMF)
    Automatic chemical casting
    (Type Flaskless IMF)

    Plant: Metal Smelting Iurreta

    Casting: Grey iron, nodular iron and special alloys.

    Parts: From 80 kg to 3,000 kg.

    Series: Short and medium.


  • Differential housing
    Differential housing

    Weight: 1,90 kg

    Sector: Automotive

  • Flange

    Weight: 2,10 kg

    Sector: Automotive

  • Scatola Ponte
    Scatola Ponte

    Weight: 22,54 kg

    Sector: Heavy vehicles

  • Deckel 4210 2355

    Weight: 34,33 kg

    Sector: Heavy vehicles

  • Housing Cover
    Housing Cover

    Weight: 340 kg

    Sector: Wind energy

  • Motor side bearing pedestal
    Motor side bearing pedestal

    Weight: 420 kg

    Sector: Lifting equipment


The casting division has the most advanced technological equipment to meet the requirements of our customers. We have vertical DISAMATIC moulding lines, horizontal Heinrich Wagner Sinto moulding and chemical horizontal IMF moulding lines.


METAL GROUP has a robust integrated management system which represents a commitment to customer satisfaction, worker safety and respect for the environment and society in general.

In order to reach this quality standards, it has modern control equipment that guarantee the quality of its products and in addition collaborates with advanced Metallurgical Technology Centers to carry out any required test.

* In process of obtaining.

Metal Smelting centres certificates:

    • ISO 9001/2015
    • ISO 14001/2015
    • ISO 45001/2018
    • ADW02000
    • ISO 9001/2015
    • ISO 14001/2015
    • ISO 45001/2018
    • IATF 16949/2016
    • ADW02000
    • ISO 9001/2015
    • ISO 14001/2015*
    • ISO 45001/2018*
    • IATF 16949/2016*
  • Diploma in advance management

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