QEHSI Policy

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Integral Policy

METAL GROUP is made up of the companies METAL SMELTING and METAL PERFORMERS, whose activity is to provide a comprehensive service to their customers through the manufacture of iron castings from 0.5 kg to 3,000 kg of high responsibility and demand, as well as its subsequent finishing, machining and logistics, for sectors such as automotive, compressors, lifting, renewable energy, machine tools, engines, valves, etc.

Aware of the need to be competitive in an increasingly demanding market, our goal is to become a strategic partner of our customers, giving them support from the initial stages of product design to its entry into production, without neglecting the impact that our activity has both for the safety of people and for the preservation of the environment.

Therefore, the following commitments are defined:

  • To fully satisfy the requirements of our customers and their expectations, promoting self-control in all processes and complying with those legal requirements applicable to METAL GROUP's activities.
  • To promote and actively contribute to the development of the protection of workers and the environment, as well as to provide safe and healthy working conditions based on compliance with applicable legislation and regulations and other requirements that METAL GROUP assumes as its own.
  • To periodically establish objectives to ensure the continuous improvement of METAL GROUP in terms of our quality, our environmental behavior, the prevention of pollution and the management of the Health and Safety at Work of our workers, with the same interest with which we pursue economic and social matters.
  • Establish appropriate training and awareness plans, which ensure that both people within METAL GROUP and those acting on its behalf are informed, competent in their work and understand both the Policy and the objectives and obligations of the organization.
  • Maintain an open and objective dialogue with Customers, authorities and other recognized partners, in order to contribute to a better understanding between the parties concerned.
  • Carry out regular audits and evaluations of our management system to ensure its effectiveness.
  • Eliminate hazards where feasible and reduce OSH risks.
  • Promote consultation and participation of employees and, where they exist, of employees' representatives.

This policy of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work is applied to all activities, products and services of METAL GROUP and is reviewed annually to ensure its continued adequacy and consistency with our objectives, ensuring continuous improvement.