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HICORE foundry sand revalorization project

Foundry sand is a key element in our manufacturing process that is not reused once its productive life is over.

Metal Group, together with other industrial partners related to foundry have launched the strategic project HICORE. In this project we intend to find a way to revalue the residual sands that we generate using them in the manufacture of foundry cores.

We have the support of the Basque Administration, the Basque Country & Navarra Foundry Association (AFV) and Azterlan.

The objective is to join forces to make the casting activity more sustainable. Our goal is to achieve a clear example of circular economy that uses existing resources at the lowest possible cost.

The role and support of all the agents involved in this type of projects (Administration, industry and research centers) will be vital for the future of the foundry sector in the Basque Country.